The War in Heaven  
The Chronicle of Abaddon the Destroyer
 The  War in Heaven is  the second  book in the Tears of Heaven
Series.  It  is  six  years  after  Serena's  ordeal  in Hell.   Amidst a  
vast network of caverns in the very heart of Hell's frigid Continent
of Darkness,  Abaddon and  his  fellow  dark  angels,  along  with  
1,200  liberated  humans,  and several millions of his  tiny winged
creatures,  have  established a hidden fortress.  They work for the
day when they shall bring  Satan's  reign  in Hell to an end.
 With Bedillia Farnsworth, Serena's mother, at his side, and with
support   from  his  allies  in  Heaven,  Abaddon  continues  on his
quest  to  rescue  ever more  repentant souls  from their  torments
in Hell.
 Yet, even as their struggle continues,  Satan has other plans;  a
full scale  invasion  of Heaven,  to take  back what  he sees as his
birth right.  He and his minions will challenge Michael and Gabriel
on  the field of battle,  to decide once  and for all who shall be the
supreme leader of the angels.  
 The angelic council is  shocked when God the Father gives  the
prince  of  darkness  permission  to  do  battle with  the  forces of
Michael and Gabriel. The war among the angels had raged for far
too long without resolution.   One way or another,  it had  to come
to an end.  Michael  and  Gabriel  were  certain that victory would
be theirs, yet  within  hours  they  were  in  full retreat, unprepared
for the enormous scale of the well planned attack that came their
way.  With  their  great  angelic  armies  isolated  and in disarray,
Satan's victory seemed assured.
 Yet Satan  had failed to account  for the human factor.  After  all,
what  could mere humans do  against an  army of demons over a
hundred million strong.  Surely they wouldn't enter the war.  Now,
a small  group of humans  in both Heaven and Hell are  preparing
to face the most powerful army ever assembled.  Can they turn
the tide in the War in Heaven?