Scriptural References for Heaven and Hell

The Tears of Heaven is a work of fiction, yet it is based upon spiritual principles and revelations, recorded
first and foremost in the text of the Holy Bible.  These scriptures have been faithfully rendered here as
they appear in the traditional King James Translation.  
 Other sources of inspiration include the Apocryphal New Testament, ancient manuscripts that, for one
reason or another, were not included in the text of our contemporary Bible.  The content of such
manuscripts can not be given the same level of credibility as those found within the Holy Scriptures, but
they sometimes prove useful in filling in gaps in our knowledge of the world of the Bible.
 For example, The Holy Bible contains relatively little information as to the actual conditions to be found in
Hell, whereas the Apocalypse of Peter, an Apocryphal New Testament manuscript, paints a vivid yet
terrifying picture of the Realm of Hell and those condemned to it.
 A third resource is to be found through the eyes of those who have glimpsed the eternal in the time since
the Revelation of John.  The age of revelations did not end with Revelation of John. The same Holy Spirit of
God has continued to dwell with us throughout the ages, even unto the current day.  
 Over the course of two and a half years, I have endeavored to mold the visions of modern science with
those of a diverse group of individuals, whose lives span some thirty centuries, into a single cohesive
work.  In doing so, I have prayed for guidance many times, and I feel that, in the process, I have received
many revelations into the nature of God and his magnificent creation.  Only time and the unfolding of God’s
divine plan for humanity will determine if I have interpreted correctly the moving of his Holy Spirit.
 For the sake of clarity, the references have been broken down according to the chapter in which they
appear.  Click on the link below to download the references in Microsoft Word Format.
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