Before her,  Serena  beheld a great multitude of bowl shaped pits,  perhaps four or five feet deep and
twice that wide. The walls and floor of the pits were lined with glowing red hot rocks, and the air held the
intense stench of brimstone.   Most of the pits contained the   writhing  forms  of   the  damned; moaning
and  screaming; many fully engulfed in roaring flames. Their forms seemed to ripple and quiver,  amidst
the waves of rising heat.  Yet,  so great was  the  heat  of  the  pit,   that  their bodies  had  been reduced
to  nothing more than  skeletal remains.  The  flesh  that  sought  to  regenerate was  swiftly  swept away,
dropping from their bones and  into the pit,  where  it  was  swiftly incinerated  amidst the blazing inferno.
Even the  eyes of  these damned  souls had  been swept  away  by  the  flames,  leaving  but dark empty
sockets staring out at the world.  
Within their rib cage and surrounding the bones of the legs and arms, a gray turbulent mist swirled  like
smoke, yet never escaped. Was it just that, smoke from their  continually vaporizing flesh, swirling in the
eddies  created  by  the  intense  heat?    Or  was  it  something  more  substantial,  something  far more
precious?  Perhaps it was the physical manifestation  of  their  eternal  souls?