A flurry of snowflakes swept around their car, as Chris Davis and his young wife Serena sped down
the darkened country  road toward home.  Serena  gazed out into the swirling snow,  illuminated in the
glare of the headlights.  To her,  it seemed like a sort of magical fantasy, a grand dance of snowflakes
played out against a darkened stage as large  as nature itself.   It was a special performance,   just for
the two of them.  
 She was  still dressed  in the medieval  garb  she had  worn to the SCA banquet.  How she  loved to
dress up.  The long flowing dress,  the lace,  it was an escape  from the  realities  o  the  technological
present.   Oh, to have been part of  a  simpler time and place,  how wonderful it must have been.
 Chris smiled as he glanced toward his lovely wife.  They’d had a wonderful evening of food, laughter,
and good company, still, Serena suspected that  Chris played the part of a medieval scholar at  these
dress - up events more to please her than anything else.
Right now,   they were anxious  to get home,  curl up  in front of the fireplace,  yet fate  held a different
plan for them.