"You have twelve hours,"  announced Satan. "During that time you may travel as you please, observe
what you wish, with but two provisions.  One,   you may not intervene in any way in the torments of any
of my guests.  Secondly, when the last grain of sand has traveled its course, you must be atop the cliff
overlooking  the  great  sea  of  fire.  There  you shall throw  yourself from  the precipice,  to begin your
eternity of burning torment, your service to me.”
 Throw herself in?  That was too much to ask.
 “But  I  warn  you,  if  you  are  late  for  your appointment or attempt to render aid one of my guests, I
shall send my  minions out to hunt you down.   Believe me when I tell you,  that it is  within my power to
make your torment far worse.   Do you understand?”
 “Yes,” replied Serena.
 “Then go,”  replied  Satan,  pointing  to  the portal behind Serena.   “Follow your shadow.   It will lead
you to your eternal destiny.”