Ahead, Serena witnessed a growing illumination, until they emerged into another cavern room, a room whose
size staggered the imagination. Its ceiling was covered with brightly glowing crystals, giving this vast chamber
an  illumination  that rivaled true  daylight.  What  Serena beheld before her,  made her gasp in wonder.  The
cavern was alive with green things;  grass,  flowers,  even small trees.  Vines with large green leaves grew up
the cavern walls and along  natural rock  pillars that supported the lofty ceiling,  reaching toward  the crystals
on the ceiling, the source of their life.  At the center of the cavern, a pool of water, green with algae and what
appeared to be lily pads glistened in the glow of the crystalline light.   Never had she imagined seeing such a
display of life again.  Tears of joy came to her eyes as she scanned the green vastness.