Serena  undid  her  sandals  and  rose  onto trembling legs.   
Slowly, she walked out onto the narrow ridge.  To  either side
of the treacherous  pathway she  beheld the burning  swirling  
sea, a Dantesque  parody  of the pounding waves  along  the  
rocky coastline of Oregon.  She tried to focus upon the stony
ground directly  before her  feet,   yet  all  too  soon it  ended,  
replaced by empty sulfurous  air.   The precipice that loomed
before  her gave her a  frightening  vista  of  this  nightmarish
sea direct
ly below her. It was a straight plunge to the heaving
turbulent inferno below.
 “Do  you  have any last words before the sea of fire engulfs
you in an agony beyond your comprehension?” asked Satan,
a sense of satisfaction in his tone.
 Serena looked back to see him waiting patiently at the edge
of the cliff, watching her intently. His arms were folded across
his chest,  his eyes icy cold,  filled with the hatred of humanity.
Serena said not a word to Satan, but turned to the dark portal,
beyond.   She couldn’t see her mother anymore,  but  she felt
certain that she was still watched. “I love you,” she whispered,
hoping that her mother could see and understand. There was
nothing more to say.
 “Now,   just  lean  forward  and  allow  yourself  to  fall,” said
Satan.  “It is just that simple. And be quick,  I have other more
important tasks to attend to.”
Serena turned once more to the burning  shifting  maelstrom
below her.  She could feel the intense heat.  Even from here it
burned.    There were no other options,  and no escape.   She
took a last deep breath and let go.   There  was an  instant  of
weightlessness,   of  dizzying  instability,  as  ground  and  feet
parted company.   At  first she  was falling headfirst toward the
seething inferno. Her whole universe was encompassed by the
swirling sea of fire.  She felt the growing heat,  saw the broiling
mass hurtling toward her.   She managed to swing  around,  to
right herself,  for whatever good that might do. She closed her
eyes tightly.