An unearthly portal materialized out of the emptiness, not  far  away.   Yet  this one was very different  from  the  first.
It was an  undulating violet corridor,  pulsing with arcs of blue electricity.  It seemed endless and foreboding,  a sort  of
dark passage leading into infinity.
No  sense  of love emanated  from this dark abyss,  indeed,  it seemed the incarnation  of despair.  It  was  brooding,
sinister, yet irresistible. This was her portal, the gateway to her destiny.  
“No,  please,  I don’t  want  to go in there,” she  murmured.   Yet,  what she wanted didn’t seem to matter.  She slowly
stepped  toward  it,  as if in some  sort of  trance.  She felt as if she had become as light as a snowflake,  as  she was
swept off  her feet  and into  the void of the portal.  She felt  its electric presence,  like an  army of ants  crawling over
every inch of her body,  and it was cold, far colder than the winter night.