Heaven and Hell is the first book of The Tears of Heaven series.  
In  it,  we are  introduced  to  Chris  and  Serena  Davis,  a  young
married  couple  who   are  tragically  killed  in  an  auto accident,
when their small car  swerves out of control on a stretch of black
ice and into the path of an  oncoming  semi.   At  first,  they  don't
even realize that they are dead,  but as circumstances  unfold,  it
becomes clear  that they  are no longer  in the land  of the  living.
They are  then  confronted  by  a beautiful  ethereal  tunnel,   that
seems  to radiate  both light and love.   Chris  leads  the way with
his wife in tow.  Yet only a second before reaching the threshold
of the tunnel,  Serena's  hand slips through his grasp.   Seconds
later she is drawn into a new portal,  a dark tunnel dominated by
powerful  electricity and  violent cold  winds.   Chris  and Serena
are doomed to spend eternity separated from each other.  
By  virtue  of  his  faith  in  his  savior,  Jesus,  Chris  has  been
granted passage  into the realm of Heaven,  where he is reunited
with  his  beloved  mother.  Here he  comes to  know the  joy and
wonder of a realm of beauty, a place  where nature has achieved
true perfection, where the lion lies with the lamb.   It is  a realm of
infinite  possibilities  and,  yes,   even  infinite  adventures.    It   is
everything that Chris  could ever have  imagined it to be.  Best of
all,  it is a  place where  everyone can  commune personally  with
their loving Heavenly Father.
Yet,  through it all,  Chris  feels  like  something  or  someone  is
missing,  yet he doesn't know what it is.  Saints  in Heaven  have  
no recollection of their lost loved ones in Hell,  no recollection of
those  beyond  the love  of  the Father.  For  they  are  beyond  all
hope, and that is where Serena  has been sentenced,  to  a place
where there is  no hope,  and  only one  reality;  pain.  They  have
been  condemned  to a  place ruled  by a madman,  a  being  who
wants but one thing; to punish  those made in the image of God.
In Hell,   Serena has  caught the  interest of the  master of lies,  who has  given her  twelve hours  to
explore the horrors of his realm before beginning her eternity of torment within Hell's seething Great
Sea of Fire, a stormy ocean of hot burning oil 5000 miles across.  Here,  adrift forever,  broiling within
the heaving, pelted by rains of sulfuric acid and fire,  she shall come to understand the true meaning
of horror and suffering, as she is slowly driven mad by never ending pain, forgotten by all those who
ever loved her.
But she is not forgotten.  In Heaven, as if by a miracle,  her husband's memory of her has suddenly
been restored. Now he knows the identity of the mystery woman who has haunted his dreams for so
long, and he knows what has become of her.  Now he seeks to accomplish what no one has done in
two thousand years;  he seeks to rescue  Serena from  Hell.   And he is not alone.   With the help of a
brilliant scientist,  a  child  prodigy,  a great  inventor,  and  a fallen dark  angel within  Hell itself,  he is
about to attempt the impossible.  The race to rescue Serena is on.
Heaven and Hell
The Journey of Chris and  Serena Davis