Getting a copy of the book, an autographed one no less, is, I'm sad to
say, so twentieth century.  I hope to have a better system up soon, but
for now just send me an e-mail at  
Tell me the mailing address you'd like to have the book sent to, and it
will be on its way.  When it arrives just send a check for $16 to:

                                        Kenneth Zeigler
                                         P.O. Box 1464
                                George West, Texas  78022

Oh, if you'd like one of the other books, autographed of course, the
price is as follows:

Heaven and Hell (available after June 1):     $18.00
The War in Heaven:                                       $14.00
The Children of Eternity:                                $14.00
Rise of the Beast:                                           $14.00
The Final Conflict:                                          $14.00
AB Negative:                                                   $10.00
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Getting your own Autographed Copy