Hi,  I'm Ken Zeigler,  author,  high school science teacher,  author,  astronomer,  gentleman
rancher, evangelist,
and first and foremost a Christian.   I am 64 years old, and still going strong
by the grace of God.  
  I live on my small ranch in  South Texas with my wife,  a close friend who
also happens to be a fabulous cook, three cats, and t
wo dogs.   The main product  of my  ranch is
some of the best watermelons in South Texas,  lots of watermelons.   
My small ranch also has an
observatory,  where  my students and I  study asteroids,  extra-solar planets,  and  
other astronomical objects
.   I also have two adult children  and two  grandchildren  who  all live
in Arizona
I love to tell stories.   I  suppose you've  already deduced  that much.   Even in junior high I  
was writing short stories.
  My senior  English teacher once suggested that I should be a writer.  
At the age of 36
 I finally took  her advice.   However,  it would be another five years before my
 book,  The Waters of Ulan,  was published.   It was a vampire story  set on a South Pacific
island just before World War II. That was ov
er 20 years ago. Other books followed.  Then came
The Tears of Heaven Series and my first best seller.  It followed the struggles of a brave group
Christians through the last days before the return of their Savior.  It has been a bit
controversial, but that is fine by me.  It carries with it message of God's love for humanity, and
His desire that we come to a relationship with Him.  The series
takes us on a journey through
the realms of Heave
n and Hell.   Now with the final book of The Tears of Heaven Series
omplete,   I'm striking off in an entirely new direction,   into the realm of the stars.   The first
of these new books, Realm of the Drells, took us to an alien land where the children of men are
used as slaves to labor for a dying and perverse race known as the drells.
  In the darkness,
hey had preyed upon mankind for thousands of years.   But now they have been exposed.  The
time of reckoning has arrived,
 a showdown of human technology vs the seemingly magical power
of the drells was about to begin
       But stranger still, one of my older books; AB Negative, has moved into the light.  Written
nearly 20 years ago, it has found new relevance in our changing world, a world, in part, brought
to life by the enigmatic internet personality Q.  The collective, powerful drugs that find their
source in the brains of terrified humans, and a corporate government ruled by the privileged
few, it is all there.  Come and experience my world.
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