Hi, I'm Ken Zeigler, author, high school science teacher, college chemistry professor,
astronomer,  gentleman rancher, evangelist, and first and foremost Christian.  I am 61     
years old, and still going strong only by the grace of God.   I live on my rather small ranch    
in South Texas with my wife, a close friend who also happens to be a fabulous cook, three
cats, and three dogs.  My ranch has a citrus orchard and an astronomical observatory.  I    
have two adult children and two grandchildren.

I love to tell stories.  I suppose you've already deduced that much.  Even in junior high I    
was writing short stories.  My senior English teacher once suggested that I should be a
writer.  At the age of 36 I finally took her advice.  However it would be another five years
before my first book, The Waters of Ulan, was published.  It was a vampire story set on a
South Pacific island just before World War II.  That was over 20 years ago.  Other books    
followed.  Then came The Tears of Heaven Series and my first best seller.  It followed       
the struggles of a brave group of Christians through the last days before the return of   
their Savior.  It took us to the realms of Heaven and Hell.  Now with the final book of      
The Tears of Heaven Series written, I am striking off in an entirely new direction, into     
the realm of the stars.  Here we meet an ancient and very evil race, the drells.  They have
preyed upon mankind for thousands of years.  But now the time of reckoning has arrived,       
a showdown of technology vs. seemingly magical powers.  Hopefully it is but the first   
journey into an incredible world in a distant star system.
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