For unless you become as a little child,  you shall not see  the Kingdom of God.   This,
the fourth book in the Tears of Heaven Series,  is the story of the exploits of six children,
four children of Heaven and two children of Hell. This book actually contains two stories,  
Childhood's End - The War in Heaven, and The Leona Stahl Incident.  

Childhood's End - The War in Heaven:   It is a turbulent period in the history of Heaven and
Hell.  After 6,000 years of cold war between the angels of Michael and Gabriel and those
of Lucifer,  that war has  turned hot with the invasion of  Heaven by the armies of Lucifer.
Lucifer's forces quickly put to  flight the unprepared armies  of Michael and Gabriel.   The
War in Heaven shatters the  peaceful existence of ten year old Christopher and nineteen
year old Jerry, living in a remote forest realm far from the great City of Zion. The demons
tell the humans of this forest that they  will not be harmed so long as they do not interfere
and do not take sides. Many of the adults reluctantly take that advice and do nothing, but
not Christopher and Jerry. They set out for the City of Zion to find others of like mind who
will fight at their side against the demonic menace.  Here they meet two other teens;  Lilly
and Jonathon.   With the blessings of the Father,  they set out on a great mission; to help
bring an end to the demon occupation of Heaven,  and it is not long  before their  mission  
becomes clear. Now the four children must infiltrate demon stronghold to rescue an agent
of the human resistance  and over a hundred innocent civilians from a fate far worse than
death.   It is time fo these children  of God  to put  away  childish things  and  become the
sons and daughters of God.   For the Children of Eternity it is childhood's end.

The Leona Stahl Incident:  It  is four  years  after  the War in Heaven.  Jerry, eldest of the
children, inspired by the story of Chris and Serena Davis,  is about to set out upon a bold
mission;  to rescue  his birth mother  from her  torments in Hell and deliver her to the free
human colony of Refuge on the  dark continent.  Yet, in Hell,  an uneasy peace  between
the people of Refuge,  led by Abaddon the Destroyer,  and of the demonic  forces of Hell,
led by General Krell,  is about to collapse.  Yet Jerry is desperate, for he realizes that the
window of opportunity during which his mother may be rescued is about to close forever.
He has planned this rescue  for far too long to  turn back now.   He sets out alone for the
realm of outer darkness on his one of a kind stealth fighter.  Yet the rescue goes horribly
wrong.  He frees his mother,  but his ship is too damaged  to reach the rendezvous point
with Abaddon's agents,  no less return to Heaven.  In desperation he sets course for the
secretive  Kingdom of Monrovia,  the only other human stronghold in all of Hell.   Here he
encounters the  enigmatic Tim Monroe  and his  queen Megan,  who were  no more  than
children  when  they  had  been  sentenced  to the  torments of Hell.  They agree  to offer
sanctuary to his mother and to help repair his ship. Yet there are unseen strings attached
to their assistance.   Now, Christopher,   Jonathon,  and Lilly  must travel to the depths of
Hell itself to stand by Jerry and help defend Monrovia  from the demons who would crush
its  human  defenders  and  destroy  this  bastion  of  freedom  in  the  depths  of  Satan's
kingdom of despair.